Sarafa Bazar

Sarafa Bazaar  is a jewellery market and night street food court located in central Indore, India. Sarafa is the only market in India which remains as a jewellery marketplace at daytime and converts itself into a street food court at night.
The dish being prepared is called Garadu.
It is commonly known as Yam ? root.
The dish is prepared by cutting the root in square pieces, ? frying it, garnishing it with salt, masala and lemon ?. It is served hot ?. Its damn tasty….

Shahi chaat at sarafa bazar was the best chaat i ever had in my life. We were exploring sarafa bazar; after having a round of hot and spicy garadu we came to a sopt which was crowded like Tulshibaug that too at 11:30 PM at night. The curious mind sought the source of this crowd and we came across this stall of Sawariya Chaat House. The main person; chief; was making the chaat, other were helping

hands. 5 people were looking after crispy hot aloo tikkies being fried (shallow fried is a myth here) in desi ghee. One person was constantly making tikkies. Other 3/4 people were taking care of gravy and other garnish. The chief was making dish within 15 sec.
Hot aloo tikki fried in desi ghee, red gravy with either garadu or paneer, onion, sev, coriander . . thats all. It was served with precise quantity and a smile. No photo can tell you how tasty it was.
The BEST chaat i ever had . . .


Sawariya Chaat House makes all its chaat in desi ghee. The speed at which they were making the dishes were phenomenal. The best thing I liked about it was in spite of having too many ingredients the taste was amazing. Unlike chaat shops in Maharashtra; Indorie chaat was not having green chutney and Imli chutney; they had something similar consisting either paneer or garadu. If someone knows the ingredients please let me know.

Sweets are sold on street side stalls in Sarafa Bazar. It was unusual as it needs lot of care and cleanliness to sell sweets. Indore is India’s cleanliest city and Sarafa Bazar was no exception. The seller had organized and decorated his stall in a very beautiful yet neat and tidy way. The sweets were as sweet as the people of Indore.


Sweet corn has taken its own place in the Indian street cuisine. Not too many years ago sweet corn was considered as an imported vegetable. Now a days we don’t see the original corn that consistently. At sarafa bazar we got to check two awesome dishes of sweet corn. Bhutte ka Kees and regular masala sweet corn. We tried Bhutte Ka Kees, it was really something different. Sweet corn is boiled and grated; then after applying tadka it is served with regular masala and lots of lemon. Its a dish worth trying !!

Sarafa Bazar is a perfect family place. Here you get all the varieties of food (mostly veg) right from the traditional indorie garadu, shahi chaat, dahi wada, pani puri etc. to the latest trending momos, chinese noodles and barbeque and many many more . . . You get lots of options for beverages as well right from coconut crush to the good old coffee. There are many sweets stalls that have uncountable varieties of sweets. This makes it a perfect family destination. In all its not just a “Khau Galli” but a grand Biennale of Indian street cuisine.


Another unusual item we say at Sarafa was a huge jilebi. The shop owner was frying the sweet jilebees from the desi ghee and was keeping it for display. The size was so huge that almost 5 people could have eaten it at a time. I got to know that in Indore it is eaten with either rabdi or kala kand. I got to taste the hot jilebees with kala kand and it was like a blast of sweetness. Yummy !! .


Indore and its people are also an effective factor in the amazing experience we had at Sarafa. Being the cleanest city in India it was a pleasure to walk around in the city, whether it is the oldest part of the city or the new. Indorie people have taken an effective and successful effort in keeping their city clean and it is a great example for all the cities in India. People here are really soft spoken and welcoming in nature. So whether it is a pan shop or a big sweet mart you always get a VIP treatment. Thanks Indore for a delightful experience !! Until we meet next time; kudos !! .